Welcome to the New You

As a developer, I tend to not keep everything in place since I like changes, but this time, I need to keep the site as it is. This will be my official re-launch of my old-new site and focus on Gutenberg Ready Themes as much as possible. Unfortunately, time has been hectic and taking a lot of time.


Overall, I have over 15 themes and 2 plugins in the WordPress repository and since Gutenberg has been release, it has been hard to implement them all and it is definitely impossible to get everything into themes. At this moment, I have to projects that deals with WordPress itself.


Initiator is my starter theme which I have build from scratch and it should stable enough. I have always wanted to do starter theme because then it allows me to just clone the project with composer, a PHP dependency, which you can be found at my GitHub page.

Backdrop Core

Backdrop Core is my own personal framework to build themes with and it is combined with Initiator, this just allows me to setup enhancements and features much easier. It is stable as well to do what it needs but it still in the early stage. Backdrop Core relies on composer and psr-4 autoloads something that finally understand how it works and implement them in such ways that it just automatically loads classes without you having to do it yourself.

Flagship Theme

At this very moment, I am having issues figuring out a flagship theme name for my own purposes that may be part of the WordPress repository or not but either way, the theme will still be in the WordPress coding standard.

What Happens to Older Themes

As of right now, I have over 15 themes in the WordPress repository and haven’t decided yet to end of life because there are some themes are still doing very well and some are just doing very bad. So at this moment, I may or may not do an major update that contains my new framework. If I do, then it would be a brand new release.

Current Plugins

I’m not too worried about my plugins since its only been two so far in the WordPress plugin repository. Rudimentary Information being a themes/plugins API that allows you to grab information about Themes and Plugins.

The other plugin is Backdrop Post Types, allows users to create new post types such as themes, plugins, demos or anything you wish. By default, Portfolios is enabled. One thing that you may want to look into is that the plugin is does not have any CSS build into it and the reason behind it is that themes should be doing that instead of the plugin.

What to Expect in the Future

One thing for sure is to continue development of Initiator starter theme and the framework ( Backdrop Core ). If I do and finally come out with a flagship and hopefully, I can implement Gutenberg as much as possible.

I would expect to have documentations for themes and plugins on how to use them which is something I have been lacking to do over the years, this is actually a good thing because then I can use my own plugin to create a post type for docs and it should fall in place.

There are few things that I need to make sure, this site will just be about themes, plugins, development and maybe some off topic that has nothing to do with developments. I currently managing three sites at the moment, one being this one, getbenonit.com for things about technology, and benjlu.com for personal blog.

I hope that you all would continue to join me in this new journey of mine.

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