Theme Update Part 1

I have begun to update some of my existing themes, so far, it has only been two. These two are Individuality and Silver Quantum and more to come.


Individuality is the latest theme that got published to the WordPress repository a couple of months ago, therefore, I have updated using the new Backdrop Core Framework and keeping it consistent as much as possible.

Individuality is a one column WordPress theme that looks simple and easy to use. You can use it as a blog or portfolio using one of my plugin Backdrop Post Types which is a simple plugin that allows you to create post types for your needs. By default, it has portfolios, but you can disable the portfolios and create your own custom post types.

Silver Quantum

Silver Quantum has been re-coded with the latest framework ( Backdrop Core ) as well. It makes the codes readable and understandable from a developer point of view.

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